Jennie Azofeifa, LMFT


The Journey To Freedom






Hope and healing are available for everyone.

We all experience difficult times in life, some more profoundly than others.  If you have carried the weight of deep trauma, or struggled to know if your life matters, I want you to know you don't have to live that way anymore.  Or maybe you haven't been able to pinpoint the source of your depression or anxiety, but it just won't go away?  Unresolved traumas, both the big ones and the kinds that are more subtle, can result in a lack of joy and peace, self-doubt, relationship difficulties, and so much more. 


That is where I can help.  I provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can share your story, explore who you are (and who you want to be), and be empowered to transform your daily reality.  Together, we identify underlying factors that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from living a full, vibrant life.  My personality, training, and experience allows me to combine solid therapy, evidence-based practices, and a whole lot of care for each of my clients.  I believe your life can change for the better - do you? Let me share my hope for you as together we discover the life you are meant to live.


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