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$150 per 55 minutes; 90-minute sessions are prorated accordingly.


Payment Methods & Policies
I accept cash, check, all major credit cards, Zelle, and flex accounts.
Payment is due at each session.


Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the session. The standard fee will be charged for missed appointments and late cancellations.


My services may be covered by your insurance company; however, I am considered an “out of network provider.”  Please check your coverage by asking your insurance company the following questions:               

     – Am I eligible for outpatient psychotherapy?

     – Can I use an out of network provider?

     – What is the percentage rate for reimbursement

        with an out of network provider?

     – Is there a limit to the number of sessions?


Often, clients choose private self-pay for sessions in order to maintain privacy and choice of treatment.  If you do choose to submit payments to insurance, please note I will be required to provide a diagnosis which will become a part of your permanent insurance record.

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